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From Oklahoma City, OK
January 31, 2009 - Oklahoma City, OK

The Spirit of the Lord says thereís something inside of you that was placed there from the foundation of the world that drives you to shout and rejoice in the presence of your enemies.  God says raise up your voice and shout my name so that I can shake the kingdoms of hell!

God says the praises of my believers is raising from the dust those who have been aborted shall live.  They shall be reborn at another time, but those children who have been aborted will come back with a vengeance and shall raise up hell.  For the powers of darkness do not know what they did.  The powers of darkness did not realize what they did when they crucified the Lord on High.  They did not know what they did when they killed the little children after the age of 2, one escaped, Moses, and the vengeance upon him brought the wrath of God upon Egypt.  God said those that have been killed shall come back, they shall be born in another form, they shall come back in a vengeance, they shall take stock and they shall change the laws of this nation. Do not be concerned for God says tonight I make declaration to you my resurrection is in this place and on this nation.

I will forgive this nationís sin.  I will restore and then adore.  There will be smiles once again.  But as I hear believers say we forgive them Iíll give you more your daily bread, I will restore unto this nation. Your Will be done your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

There is a sound that I will send into this place called My house.  God says, heís telling you.  I will restore, I will give you the honor that you once held America.

God says, I will restore, Iíll not ignore the ones who stood in contempt but I will repay I will give back to this nation what they have stolen.  I will restore, I will restore Iíll give back to America your former glory greater than.

God said Iím sending to earth a sound even greater than any sound thatís ever been on the face of the earth.  Iím bringing a sound to this nation that every culture will understand the language of God.

The Spirit of the Lord says those that heard the sound, when the sound was heard they were drawn.  There is a sound that God has that men will begin to detect.  There is a sound that shall be given and when you hear that sound advance speedily. When you hear that sound advance speedily, go quickly.  For God said in that day of Pentecost when the sound came suddenly, speedily there was an opening from the heaven and suddenly advancing upon them were tongues of fire that rested upon every one of them.  God said are you hungry for the tongues of fire?  Are you hungry for the language of God?  Are you hungry for the heavens to open and for God to send something that weíve never experienced?  I donít think you believe this but you listen to this prophet tonight.    There is a sound coming and itís coming speedily.  When the people begin to detect that sound they shall advance speedily, they shall accelerate speedily.  This sound shall be as no other sound coming down from the high place, coming down from the high ground, coming down from the mountains, coming down from the sky, coming down from the treasury of heaven.  The heavens are opening up and God said tonight Iím promising you  that  once this sound hits this nation there shall be people who have said there is no God, shall suddenly proclaim, there is a God.  There will be those that will be healed that would never have dreamed theyíd be healed.  Thereíll be a spontaneous flow of unusual miracles and a spontaneous flow of new sounds and new language says the Spirit of God.  Get ready for a baptism like youíve never had before, for tonight as the prophets gather together we declare come down, rise up, do what you have to do.

I have not forgotten the covenant.  I have not forgotten the covenant.  The antiquity of the covenant, the ancientness of the covenant that yet represents the dream that men had for this nation.  That men equal in Spirit would stand as one and worship and honor the Lord. Where are they now?  Their voices cry as a reminder they have come before me as a memorial says the Spirit of God.  You are entering a time and a season of hope and restoration coming not from the politicians of Baal but coming from the prophets of God so therefore a promise has been made.  When you hear the sound that is coming to small villages and towns, amongst the farmers and the farmyards, barnyards, farm houses, ranches where there is space.   I will show signs and they will say there is life on another planet but they will not find it they will not.  What they will find is that there is life in another universe where Spirits of just men made perfect.  A great cloud of witness surrounds this earth.  They will detect the great cloud of witness.  What is this that you are saying?  They will detect the energy of a witness which is to be repeated on the earth.  They shall see signs and they shall be on large areas of acres and acres of land.  I stand in Oklahoma today and make declaration to you that they shall say that these imprints and these signs in the soil come from life on another planet and again they will have movies and books; but this time they will not be able to explain the one thing that shall be embedded in these signs shall be the cross of Calvary, says the Spirit of the Living God.  They shall try and make out like it is something else within the stars and the planets but they shall not be able to take away  the crown that they see, the thorns that have been pressed.óThis is a sign to you.  Youíre wondering what does this prophet say tonight?  He says there will be signs in the earth and they will say itís from another planet but God says it shall be signs that I shall send and in those places there will be a habitation of angelic visitation and a habitation of angels of the Lord and there shall be swift moves of the Spirit and they shall say let us go to the lonesome place where there are very few people.  For God is shaking the earth in that place.  God says celebrate, rejoice for tonight I begin this in this city, I begin it in this soil in this state and it shall spread like wildfire says the Spirit of God.

God says thereís going to be a death in 2010.  It shall be called the death of debt.