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Kim's Prophetic Insight Regarding the Economy (Email)


"There is a banking system that shall crash. And they shall say, but it is so big, how can this happen in America? And God said, it shall crash. It shall crash and there shall be a shaking just for a short moment in time..." December 03, 2005- Tampa, FL- Kim Clement

Dear Warriors,

    I would like to take a moment to encourage you in regards to the present economic crisis. I have been inundated with requests for insight and clarity regarding what God has shown me now, and long before this present crisis. Our website is also receiving a significant increase in traffic as people are researching past prophecies to find out just what God has been saying. I will be online streaming LIVE in my studio this Saturday night, October 18th at 6:00 PM (PST)/ 9:00 PM (EST) to specifically address the many issues that are facing us as a Nation and the world. Join me as I unfold the revelations that He has shared with me in regard to the Economy, Energy, Politics and His plan for the Church.

    It is clear that there is an apparent pattern of specific prophetic words that the Spirit has given in regards to the present economic crisis and His promise that it would be "a shaking just for a short moment in time".  In December of 2005, God began to speak through me regarding a future economic crisis and showed me when it would be brought to an end. I feel that it is my duty to bring these prophecies to light for the purpose of giving you a "God perspective" of the situation, and so that you may also pray effectively and act accordingly. Before there was any crisis to speak of, the Spirit of God was already speaking of a time to come when the banking systems would fail, but even in the same breath giving us hope that the shaking would be temporary. I want to share my perspective with you using some of these words that God has quickened me to share publicly throughout the Nation and some relevant news articles which are also very specific about this moment that we have now entered together. It is clear that God was warning us ahead of time so that we would not panic and react in fear as these things began to happen, but that we might carry a message of hope and keep our confidence in His promise during the shaking.  Despite the current situation and the comments of the prognosticators in the media, the Spirit of God has given us clear words that there will be a great future for all of us and the US economy will shortly be restored to the greatest place it has ever been.

    In the days of Elijah the prophet, during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel (I Kings 16-19), there was a severe drought that came upon the land. This came as the result of the slaughtering of God's prophets by Jezebel and the corrupt government under the ruler-ship of Ahab. King Ahab was actually not in control but under the sway of his wife, Jezebel. Ahab and Jezebel had committed unlawful acts forbidden by God. During this time, the economy almost collapsed, but according to the book of Kings, we see that there was a level of supernatural provision; Elijah was fed by ravens. Consider that for a moment.  Most people don't realize that a raven is a nasty bird that barely takes care of her young. Very few ravens survive because of this and if they do, they are mean, nasty birds. To be fed by a raven would be similar to being encouraged by Satan; almost an impossibility. Yet during the economic crisis, the Prophets were protected and fed with meat and water... by a raven! For them and for us today, the least likely source can become the means of provision. Ultimately, Elijah was to go to a mountain and face the forces that remained the influencing power in Israel - the politicians of Baal. These religious politicians, and the system controlling Israel, collapsed as an execution took place, and suddenly there was no 'voice' from these false influencers. As a result of this, the Heavens opened up and God poured an abundance of rain onto Israel. Acceleration began and suddenly the Nation recovered from a 3.5-year drought. The truth is that it was only at the prophet's word in prayer, that God opened the Heavens once again. James 5:16 says, "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."   

    Too many prophets are quick to pronounce judgment with no remedy or redemption in sight, when in fact God has planned a swift recovery. Out of one corner of the mouth we pray for Revival, and out of the other corner we pronounce judgment, in the hope that one of the two will be right. It's time to do what Joshua told the Children of Israel to do, when he said, "Why are you in two minds? Choose this day whom you will serve." Judgment begins in the House of God, and so it has. But we want to pronounce judgment on the world because of the promiscuity? Look in the mirror Church. We want to pronounce judgment on the world because of the gays? Look in the mirror Church. The church is plagued and infected with promiscuity, perversion, hypocrisy, backbiting, addictions, divorce, corruption, greed, etc., and yet we want to declare war on the world and pronounce judgment?  When Israel's leadership embraced the prophets of Baal and continued with its perversions and theft, it was not Egypt or Syria that were judged with drought, but rather Israel. Currently the sins of the WORLD are as a result of the standard that was set and embraced by the Church (in certain areas). When former President Bill Clinton allowed gross negligence in his administration and dwelt recklessly with Monica Lewinsky in sexual misconduct, he allowed a standard and force of unrighteousness to come upon this Nation, as the one who was given authority to govern and lead it. We are ranting and raving today at the present Bush Administration because of his policies, but refuse to accept the consequences that came as a result of the previous administration's mess, and the fact that politically and morally we are reaping what they sowed. This is not about Democrat or Republican, but about right and wrong with God-ordained leadership. This present administration under the leadership of George W. Bush has made some serious mistakes, as most leaders have, but he embraced prayer, the Word of God, God's prophets and His principles. As a result, I believe the spiritual wrongs have been corrected so that in the next 10 years we will reap righteousness. These leaders are supposed to be the watchmen on the wall, watching over our Nation, and whatever they practice is in fact what will be allowed in and beyond the walls of this great Nation. The same goes for the leadership in the Church - there is no difference, and in fact, we who are spiritual should know better.

Micah 5:7 says:
The remnant of Jacob will be

       in the midst of many peoples

       like dew from the LORD,

       like showers on the grass,

       which do not wait for man

       or linger for mankind.

    Do you realize that when we as believers are what we're supposed to be, we are an incalculable blessing to those among whom God scatters us? Dew speaks of something fresh from Heaven - a refreshing. Showers speak of a variety of blessings. Our very presence and words should bring refreshing and blessing to our communities and nations.
Although much of this is clearly related to what is now widely recognized as a need for new energy sources (The Big E) to make the US independent from foreign oil supplies, as I have been prophesying about since May of 2005, I don't want to spend much time relating the topics now other than to say that God was speaking to us about the answer before there was ever a problem. To read more about that specific topic, you can download my "BIG E" newsletter from 

    Now, let's take a look at the progression of this prophecy that began in 2005.  For your reference, all of these prophecies have been public on my website and have been available for reading from the day that they were spoken. However, I have published them today in this letter to encourage you and strengthen you regarding your future.  God showed me that there would be a tremendous attack on our economy, but that it would be only for a short moment. You will see, God said in one utterance, "It shall crash and there shall be a shaking just for a short moment in time but as a result of this there will be something happening called a "Damascus road conversion," which would effect 3 major networks. Warrior of God, these are simply signs that God was giving so that you would know ahead of time what the results will be and when they will take place. Under the inspiration of the Spirit, I also spoke of a banking system that would crash and quoted God as saying, “The people shall say, ‘but it is so big, how can this happen in America?’”  Here are some specific excerpts of the clearest words regarding the current crisis.

 Tampa FL, December 3rd 2005
"And the world will look at you and they shall say, ‘we thought it was the end, we thought that the economy would crash’. And God said, watch me now as I will raise up this economy and America shall once again rule as they are supposed to.

 There is a banking system that shall crash. And they shall say, ‘but it is so big, how can this happen in America?’ And God said, it shall crash, it shall crash and there shall be a shaking just for a short moment in time. But there is something happening called a "Damascus Road Conversion" of three major networks in this country."   Click Here for Complete Transcription from December 3, 2005.

 Then, this year in Long Island, NY on April 18, 2008, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I said the following words:

"While I was praying again this afternoon, the Lord told me to remind the people that there are two great banking systems that will fall, not to fear, no recession.  He said do not listen to the powerful force of prognostication, the force of prognosis, and the media that are dictating how you are supposed to feel about the future.  He said let this be a sign to you: two great banking systems will fall but it is not something that will destroy this Nation.  He said it is the bear and it is the lion.  And I said, Lord what are you talking about?  I can't get up there and tell these people that there's going to be a break in the banking system, and He said, good riddance to bad rubbish or to junk.  In other words, I've got to do a bit of removing, so I can take you to that higher place.  There will be no recession!

 There are people that have received promises and that have sown and they've said, "I have waited and nothing has happened to my business, to my finances." God said, no matter what has happened on the stock market or whatever you have, He said it matters not, for I can change things in one day. Now is the time of life and what you've been waiting for is about to appear."  Click Here for Complete Transcription from April 18, 2008.

    In those words, God reminded us that the fall of the banking systems was soon to take place and warned us not to be swayed by the powerful force of prognostication that would follow through the media. He told me to continue prophesying against the proclaimed recession. He said no matter what has happened in the stock market or whatever you have (investments), it doesn't matter because He can change it all in one day. 

    Again, I realized that God was revealing His secrets so that we could be prepared for this moment and to pray effectively. Then recently, in Detroit, Michigan on September 19-20, 2008, God spoke through me again regarding the crash. 

Detroit MI, September 19th 2008

"There is a great need at this hour but do you really think that I am going to cause your economy to "go to hell"?  For the Spirit of the Lord says what is happening today, what has happened today (Friday Sept 19) and what will happen tomorrow (20th) and on Monday (22nd), God said, will shake the Nation and they will say ‘is there any more hope for this Nation, is there any more hope?  Is there any more hope?’   And God said, who rules the nations?  Who is He that rules the nations?  They will say, ‘it's costing the government billions of dollars to erect what has fallen.’  But God said, do you not understand that sometimes these things happen because men have relied on filthy lucre, men have relied as their power and as their strong-arm finances, silver and gold. They have relied upon oil; they have relied upon earth and soil.  And this has been their strength.

Now, once again, I will introduce Myself starting in Wall Street and going through the Stock Exchange and on the Northeast of America to the Midwest down to the South I will introduce Myself as the strength of this Nation again, says the Lord of Hosts!

This will go from strength to strength and men who relied upon the rising of their funds now they say ‘where do we go, where do we go?’  Where can they go but to the Lord?  Where can they go but to the Lord?  For I have already determined it- that My Church will not go under because I am building my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, says the Lord!

 For God said, they could not rely upon Greenspan, they could not rely upon men of great financial integrity. I will take even the wealthiest and the richest and the most powerful and I will cause them to say, ‘we have nowhere to go.’  God said, do not concern yourselves, saints of the Most High God.  For even as Daniel prospered in Babylon and Joseph prospered in Egypt, so shall ye prosper as you sing in the presence of those, God says."  Click Here for Complete Transcription.

    During that weekend, while I was prophesying in Detroit, another burst of revelation came in the meetings where God stated the following through me:

Detroit, MI- September 20, 2008

"It's going to happen so quickly and God said even now, even at this time, during the Thanksgiving of this year, I shall unfold many, many things in this order.  Therefore God said, look, prosperity is coming back to you.  Do not look and say "Wall Street" and do not say "the stock market" and do not say this or that.  God said, I have looked at you and you are the apple of My eye. And because you are the apple of My eye, I will come to you like I came to David and rescue you from the enemy that has tried to pull you down, says the Lord!"   Click Here for Complete Transcription.

    Indeed, shakings continued throughout the week of September 20, as contentions among members of Congress emerged over the terms and scope of the proposed rescue, amplified by the failures of institutions like Washington Mutual, and the upcoming National Election.  Finally, just after midnight on September 28, leaders of the Senate and House, along with the Treasury Secretary Paulson, announced a tentative deal had been reached, and the bill was made final later that morning.  In an early morning news conference on Sept 29, President George W. Bush expressed confidence that the bill would pass Congress. However, it was later rejected the same day, as the bailout was put before the House of Representatives and the presiding chair declared it to be "unfinished business".  As negotiations continued, the Dow Jones Industrial Average responded with its largest one-day drop in history, down 777 points. Many people began to despair and react in fear as the media continued predicting worse and a long period of time for restoration, but God had already said to us that He would introduce Himself as the Strength of this Nation, "starting in Wall Street and going through the Stock Exchange." What does this mean? It is God's promise, once again, in spite of how bad everything is looking, that He would intervene and "rescue" the Nation from the strategy of the enemy.

      Fox News Reports:  Bush Disappointed by House Vote, Paulson Vows to Press on- Monday, September 29, 2008 Click Here

    CNN Reports: Lawmakers quickly point fingers after bailout fails- Monday, September 29, 2008 Click Here

    On October 8th, the Spirit spoke through me saying that "TODAY" the restoration had begun. He said there would be a major turn of events between now and Thanksgiving and that we were to speak to this storm that has come upon us, and steer the crisis. Despite the negative predictions of misguided voices in the media, we continued to prophesy in the face of the darkness.

    As I conclude this article, Fox News reported today, "Dow Posts Biggest One-Day Point Gain In History, Closing Up More Than 900 Points" Click Here for article.  The battle is not yet over, but we have a promise that is in contradiction to what has been happening and to much of what the media is now predicting. God's word is at work changing and aligning things just as He promised.

    I must tell you that I am not discouraged.  Even though things are serious, I have to tell you that if God would speak to me of these things long before they happened with some detail, then I know the end result that He spoke of is around the corner. Do not react in fear, and do not allow your actions to be guided by the many voices that may mean well, but have no authority.  God has a purpose for this and it is clear that He is shaking the Nation and ridding us of certain corruptions in order to bring about the greatest shaking of all - an outpouring of His Spirit on the United States of America.  Be encouraged.

With love and blessings,


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